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Getting a tattoo is an incredibly personal experience. Tattoos reflect elements of their host-humans in a visual form, from whimsical adventure to deep emotional connections. Getting “inked” is a big decision and a massive industry—people spend over 1.65 billion dollars annually on tattoos in the United States alone.

Identifying the Problem

Possible Problem

Organizing information about the process of getting a tattoo - educational part of the app. 

Finding the right way to sort artists and tattoos. 

Getting Artists on the platform 

Problem Statement

Our users want to make an informed decision about their next or first tattoo, so they don’t regret it in their future.

We will know this to be true by staying with them throughout the process from research to posting final photo of the tattoo to their or artists profile.

Possible Solution

Creating an app that will allow you to do initial research about tattoos, find the right artist, book an appointment, and then connect with the artist and post final tattoo. 

For many people, the process is quite emotional so making sure the search process and communication with the artist simple is the key. 


Competitive analysis, UX analysis, and SWOT were conducted and created

to understand what the world needs in a TattooApp.

User Personas & Journey Maps

After initial research and interviews came time for creating a representation of what our user will be - their goals and needs, motivations, and frustrations. 

User Flows

Understanding how the app will be used helped me design a flow that makes sense

and allows users to experience the app worry-free. 

The wireframing process helped me explore and decide

on the layout of the app, it helped me understand what kind of menu 

I want to use and what are the details I need to include. 

Wireframes & Prototyping

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